Church of the Reformation - Lutheran  LCMS
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      Liturgical Service

Church of the Reformation - Lutheran uses an order of service which dates back to the late 5th century A.D. Most of the Church’s liturgy comes directly from the Scriptures and reflects the early Christian Church’s high regard for the Holy Word of God. In our worship, God serves us with His gifts of forgiveness and salvation, and we respond to Him through our sacrifice of thanksgiving, praise and fervent love toward one another.

The Divine Service

Why is it called a Divine Service?

The term Divine Service emphasizes what happens as God’s people gather to worship. As God’s Word is proclaimed and the Lord’s Supper is celebrated, the Lord serves us. The focus of worship is God’s actions toward us. He serves His people by making us His own, forgiving our sins, and reminding us of His work of salvation. The focus is on the Lord’s actions, not ours.

Lutheran Worship is Christocentric.

Jesus Christ is at the center of all that occurs. From the readings in the Old Testament, Psalms, Gospels and Epistles, we receive insight into God’s plan of salvation through Jesus (John 5:39). Sermons are Christ-focused; that is, they tell of Jesus’ suffering on the Cross in our place to win our salvation. As we are reminded anew of our great need and our Savior’s great gift, the Holy Spirit increases our faith (Romans 10:17). Not only does the Lord serve us through His proclaimed Word, He also comes to be with us in the sacrament (His Word attached to an object) of Communion, where we receive the forgiveness that Christ has earned for us.

Although not all church bodies have a formal written format or liturgy, most follow some outline for their worship services. The Lutheran Church’s liturgy (Divine Service) is explained here.

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